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KF Land & Cattle


Premium Quality Red Angus Beef in Wyoming & Minnesota

KF Land & Cattle is a joint venture between Rock Hard owners, Brian and Andrea Feist, and Andrea’s parents, Randy and Linda Kieser, to raise premium quality Red Angus beef while participating in the western way of life in Andrea’s home state of Wyoming. Through the KF, the family is able to experience the real life of a beef producer as well as learn the skills and knowledge of caring for the animals and land. We take great pride in the quality of the Red Angus herd and focus on raising premium beef through the cow/calf operation. We enjoy the time we get to spend in Wyoming when taking a break from duties at Rock Hard to help with the work to raise this quality product.


We believe in small business and the need for people to know where their food comes from. Pairing with local butchers, we are excited to serve people beef farm-to-table and sell a premium product not always available in the grocery store. If you live in Wyoming or Minnesota and are looking to provide your family with quality, healthy, and affordable protein, contact us today.

Randy Kieser: 307-532-0670
Andrea Feist:  612-210-5262

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What to expect

What to expect when buying a whole/half beef

We sell our whole/half beef by hanging carcass weight based on the carcass.

  • Beef is forage grown and grain-finished with no growth hormones.
  • USDA inspected
  • Average carcass is 775 lbs
  • Your beef is custom cut to your specifications, using the "Cut Sheet" located at bottom of the page.
    Contact us for assistance with filling out the sheet.
  • Finished meat of a whole beef is typically around 490 lbs
    • 150-185 lbs of ground beef
    • 80 lb rib, strip, and tenderloin steaks
    • 90 lbs chuck roasts and steaks
    • 85 lbs Round roasts and steaks
    • 50 lbs other cuts (brisket, short ribs, flank, skirt steak)
  • Cost of a half beef is typically $1700-1800
    • $4.25 per lb hanging carcass weight (processing fees are included in the listed price)
    • Arrangements can be made for quarter of a beef by pairing with someone
      and accepting generic cutting instructions. 
    • Cash and check are acceptable forms of payment
  • Not enough freezer space? Ground beef is also available in 1lb or 1.5lb pkgs with a 20 lb minimum purchase.
    • $5.50 per lb 
  • Butcher dates are available throughout the year.  
    • Meat is reserved by submitting completed cut sheet